Fox News: Dinesh D'Souza Explains 'Brain-Dead' Democrat Party Will Allow Public Unrest to Continue

Originally posted at Fox News Insider.

Filmmaker Dinesh D’Souza told Pete Hegseth on Fox & Friends that calls for an end to anti-Trump rioting and violence will go largely unanswered from the peaceful faction of the political left.

“The rhetoric that has inspired this violence has come from the mainstream of the Democrat Party,” D’Souza said.

He said that a common belief among many on the Left is that President Trump is a “modern-day [Benito] Mussolini”, and recalled how actress Ashley Judd compared the president to Adolf Hitler.

“The party is largely brain-dead,” he said, adding that the rioting in Washington over the weekend embodied a “juvenile embitterment of losing an election they think they could have won.”

D’Souza said that former President Obama kept the “backroom” faction of the Democratic Party, led by Hillary Clinton, and the more active faction lead by Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) together, but that Clinton’s loss will allow the “Bernie Faction” to “gain prominence”.

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  • judy says:

    January 28, 2017 at 3:56 PM

    Interesting that the protests at the airports on Jan.28, 2017 appeared as if by magic immediately after Trump signed the paper about immigration and suddenly refugees flew in en masse and lawyers were ready and available. Surely, only a paid mob and funded refugees could have appeared this fast…natural human protests and events don’t happen this quickly…Is the orchestration of never ending violence really being funded by George Soros’ 24 billion dollars? Is there no legal recourse for democracy being dispelled by these nefarious means to put a halt to it, especially when the Dem’s claimed that Russia is doing this…when I believe the source is the Democratic party. Is this leading up to civil war?

    Finally, Is there no way that such undemocratic protest can be stopped by legal means…and if Trump stops this will this escalate the hatred of the American voters who put him in power? We need more films. Are there any in the works?…I am showing all three of them to all my friends, and they are also buying copies to show their friends…but we need more Dinesh wisdom…and documentaries are a perfect tool to educate the right…sadly I live in Canada and can’t influence Americans except by rabidly writing into websites there. God Bless you Mr. D.!

    • Candice Minello says:

      January 30, 2017 at 8:38 PM

      Judy, you nailed it. I truly believe Soros and his followers and many more on the Left follow Saul Alinsky’s philosophies. So very sad that they (lefties) continue to get away with their rioting, protesting, and disgustingly disrespectful behavior. I am so very thankful we have someone like Mr. D’Souza as a voice of reason. God bless President Trump and God bless America!

  • Dee Gray says:

    January 30, 2017 at 10:41 PM

    Hi Judy, YES, I agree 1000% with your post about Dinesh D’Souza. We do need more films by the brilliant D’Souza. “Hillary’s America” was GREAT. Hey, it should have been shown to those Liberals, and Democrat lovers. Oh, how I wish LeBron James would see this film, as he was a Hillary supporter. BUT hey, maybe he and others did view the film however, you know, even if they did view the film they would discredit it and not believe anything that the film portrayed. YES, the demonstrations at the White House on 1/28,29/2017, I believe were orchestrated. Paid protesters. D’Souza, we need you again to tell the people the truth/facts that’s going on in politics and other issues. I have meet you and seen you briefly, one time in Manhattan, NY this past summer, 2016 as you were getting out of a car service with your wife near Wall St. I wish I could’ve spoken to you for a while, but you did so graciously wave and said hello. D’Souza we need you. Don’t go away and leave us hanging. Keep doing what you do. Much Love.

    D. Gray
    Bronx, NY

  • Richard Webb says:

    February 1, 2017 at 4:33 PM

    “RABIDLY” uses their vocabulary just like “staunch”. Don’t fall for it.
    Your comments are enthusiastic diligent fervent impassioned eager earnest bold animated ardent nimble resolute…

    We never began to win the abortion debate till we substituted the term pro-life for anti-abortion.