WJ: Conservative filmmaker reports Facebook Page hacked

Originally posted at Western Journalism by Chris Agee.

Conservative author and documentarian Dinesh D’Souza’s Facebook page has reportedly been hacked, leading to its followers receiving pornographic and otherwise obscene material instead of the political commentary they expected.

A representative for the Hillary’s America producer told Western Journalism that the issue surfaced Tuesday when administrators were unable to access the business manager feature for the page.

At first, staff members noticed their permissions had been stripped. Later, an account belonging to D’Souza’s business — which had been his staff’s last connection to the page — was removed as an administrator.

D’Souza and his team reached out to Facebook in an attempt to restore their access, but as of Wednesday afternoon, a spokesperson said they had not gotten a response.

The most recent post available early Wednesday afternoon linked to an article on D’Souza’s website and nothing on the page itself looked unusual.

The bigger issue, however, involves the inappropriate content apparently being sent to fans of D’Souza’s Facebook page.

While these posts are not showing up in the public feed, a rep confirmed he had been barraged with screenshots and other evidence of unsolicited content being sent to D’Souza’s audience. No one on his staff has any idea how hackers were able to access the page.

The producer’s spokesperson said this is the first time the page has been compromised, noting the apparent attack occurred around the same time his latest book, The Big Lie, was published. One source said the attack appeared to be an effort to get fans to stop following D’Souza.

D’Souza pointed out the suspicious timing in a statement provided to Western Journalism.

“The timing of this is especially troubling because I have just begun a national book tour for my new book, The Big Lie, which today reached #5 on the New Release bestseller list,” he said.

Facebook posts promoting the new book remained on the author’s page as of Wednesday afternoon.


Some have previously alleged that the outspoken conservative had been targeted in other ways for his political views. Last year, a number of his supporters cried foul when an iPhone search for his most recent documentary returned no results.

Whatever the motive behind the recent apparent hack, D’Souza and his team said they are focused on regaining control of their social media presence and clearing up what has been a confusing couple of days.

In his statement, the author asked his fans to assist by notifying Facebook when they see something suspicious come from his page.

“Now I am asking for your support to show Facebook the urgency of this issue,” D’Souza said. “If you see posts made by my Facebook page that are unrelated to my work, please report them to Facebook immediately as spam. You can do this by clicking the arrow in the top right corner of a suspicious post and select ‘Report.’ When the dialog box opens, choose ‘It’s spam’ and then click ‘Continue.’ On the next screen, choose ‘Mark this post as spam.’”

In the meantime, he urged followers “to get updates from me me via Twitter at @DineshDSouza and via my emails, which you can request at dineshdsouza.com/email.”

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  • Philo Woo says:

    August 2, 2017 at 9:01 PM

    These people know only fear, it is their main source of dealing with the truth, which they will never admit to because of what it means. You see, all of these people who hide behind this new version of fascism, in the back of their minds, somewhere under layers of shame, is the realization they are wrong, that they have been manipulated and brainwashed.

    Of course, that is what you have stated again and again to everybody who is willing to listen. One would hope it could understood to all the masses, in trying to rely like you do with your writing, your appearances, by media, as the best chance for succeeding, for people to have knowledge. It’s too bad it could not be done all at the same time but it’s not supposed to, and that’s why you must continue on this quest.

    I think, no, I believe if people had the ability to confront the truth, they really would be free of their fear, their shame of having been lied to and to see reality as it actually is, not how they want to see it or how someone tells them what it is.

    Take care and Keep Fighting The Good Fight.

  • Daniel says:

    August 2, 2017 at 11:30 PM

    You know when the conservatives like D’Sousa are highly effective; when hacking their content is a high priority for the left’s minions.

  • Dan Everest says:

    August 3, 2017 at 1:40 AM

    The left hacked your Facebook page. I saw many interesting posts “from you” today. I knew it was a hack. When I saw your posting about the hack and the impact and attack on your book sales I took action……….I bought your book.

    Conservative patriots, support Dinesh and buy his book, let’s show the libtards who’s who.