Herman Cain: D'Souza's "Hillary's America" Trailer Is Simply Astonishing

Originally posted at CainTV by Herman Cain.

And we’ve got it right here.

Dinesh D’Souza is a man who has paid a heavy price for his political activism, yet it has not slowed him down in the slightest. And now, as America stands at risk of seeing Hillary Clinton assume the power of the presidency, D’Souza is back to remind us not only of what motivates Hillary to seek power, but what has motivated the Democratic Party throughout its entire history.

The trailer for his new film is astonishing. Take a look:

The common thread through all this is that Democrats always take the position that maximizes their own political power. When that meant supporting slavery and opposing civil rights, that’s what they did. When times changed and they were able to amass more power by supporting civil rights, then they changed with the times – but only because it benefited them.

Today they maintain power by keeping as much of the population as possible dependent on government for their basic needs. I know we’ve been critical of Mitt Romney in recent days but he was right on the mark back in 2012 when he talked about the 47 percent of Americans who are reliant on government, and thus will always vote for the part of government reliance. Romney caught heat for it, but the truth is that the Democratic Party has made this happen on purpose. If you depend on them, then you will always vote for them. That’s why they favor every expansion of government and oppose any attempt whatsoever to curtail government – because that’s how they stay powerful.

The reason so many Democrats support Hillary in spite of her obvious flaws is that they don’t care about the flaws. They care about having someone in the White House who is part of this racket and will make a priority of maintaining it.

Dinesh D’Souza has a very compelling way of cutting through all the political nonsense and getting right down to just what it is that politicians are after with their rhetoric and the policies they put in place. And he’s not afraid to tell you the real history they would prefer for you to forget.


If you find this image – which was taken from the trailer – to be absolutely horrifying, good. You should. Like D’Souza, we’ve used many photos here that give you a chance to look into those eyes and get a sense of the person America could make the very big mistake of putting in power. I’m sure that’s not the image the Democrats will use when the time comes for her coronation, but they’re still trying to maintain power by presenting a celebrity Hillary whose image is quite different from the real person.

Don’t be fooled. When the full film hits theaters in July, you’ll have a chance to see what D’Souza calls “the secret history of the Democratic Party.” Before we let them maintain power for another four years, and force Hillary on the rest of us precisely because she will play ball, you should know that history.

I know I’ll be there to see it. How about you?

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One Comment

  • Todd Newman says:

    March 11, 2016 at 11:00 PM

    Looks like quite a movie to behold. I know the possible Presidency of Hillary Clinton will bring our country down farther if we allow her policies to take a hold of our government.