AUDIO: What D'Souza Learned About Obama By Interviewing Rapists And Murderers

Originally posted at Hannity.

In 2014, author and filmmaker Dinesh D’Souza pleaded guilty to one felony count of making illegal contributions to the New York Senate campaign of longtime friend Wendy Long. For his transgression, a federal court sentenced D’Souza to eight months in a “community confinement center”, where D’Souza was housed alongside other convicts.

“It was very scary, particularly in the beginning because I realized that these were not white collar criminals,” D’Souza told Sean on the Sean Hannity Show. “This was the whole gamut of criminals including rapists and murderers.”

Despite the circumstances, Dinesh did manage to gain new insights through his interaction with some of those alongside whom he was confined.

“Did you talk to these people?” Sean asked.

“After about a month, I did,” D’Souza answered. “I began to interview them, and learn about them, and I got a very interesting point of view. It was not the Shawshank Redemption idea that we’re all innocent, but rather it was the idea that we’re the small-fry, we’re the stupid criminals who got caught and the really effective criminals, the big-fry, so to speak, are out there. The system never goes after them because they run the system.”

D’Souza says he now applies that lens to President Obama.

“Obama can ignore the congress, he can ignore the courts, in a sense he can do what he wants with immigration laws and who’s there to prosecute him?,” D’Souza told Sean. “Not the justice department because he’s the one who appointed the attorney general.”

D’Souza also believes the same applies to the Clinton family.

“People scorned Hillary when she said ‘we were dead broke’ but it is true that the Clintons, when they entered politics, had no money,” D’Souza explained. “They have figured out how to make politics work for them, how to play the system in such a way that it brings incredible profits to them.”

Listen to Dinesh D’Souza explain how his experience with hardened criminals altered his perspective on Obama and Hillary:

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