AUDIO: D'Souza, Sean Hannity, & Peter Schweizer Take Down Hillary

Dinesh D’Souza and Peter Schweizer joined Sean Hannity for his national radio show on January 22 to cover the many scandals of Hillary and Obama, and the Republican Party’s prospects for 2016.

Dinesh explained that “justice” is the primary rallying banner of the Democratic Party. While Republicans are known as the party of freedom, the progressives are trying to be known as the party of justice. Unfortunately, Dinesh points out, progressives have justice wrong:

“Justice isn’t just a matter of figuring out who broke the law, but proportioning the penalty to the offense. You can’t have on set of rules for progressives and another set for your critics, but that seems to be the way that the Obama justice department plays the game.”

Will Obama’s DOJ continue cover for Hillary during this election? Dinesh has other hopes:

“If you look at history, when the Nixon administration tried to operate in concert using multiple government agencies for a coverup—by the way, on a much smaller matter—not only did it bring Nixon down, but it swept a whole generation of Republicans out of office and established the Democrats as the majority party until Reagan came along almost a decade later.’

When asked about the support that Trump has seen, Dinesh offered this analysis:

“Trump’s support is coming from (a) the people who love that he’s the most politically incorrect man in America, (b) that he’s the only presidential candidate in almost a generation who’s not ashamed of being rich, and (c) an absolute frustration with the RNC and their lack of results. Trump represents the antidote to all of that, and that’s the secret to his appeal. It’s very important for the next president to lift a lot of stones and look under them to see what has been going on in the Democratic administration of the last eight years. Most Republicans, I think, fear that our leaders don’t have the guts to do that. Trump, it seems, would have the guts to do that.”


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