NYT: Heady Summer, Fateful Fall for D'Souza, a Conservative Firebrand

Even with the prospect of jail time looming, Dinesh D’Souza has emerged as the right-wing media star of the moment, a seemingly constant presence on talk radio and FOX News.


"America" is Focus of Republican Club Movie Night

To host your own “America” movie night, contact us via email for your free flyers, including a signed flyer for use in a raffle for your club!


TheBlaze: D'Souza Says This Is the "Moral Disgrace of the Left"

VIDEO: Dinesh D’Souza says the American left’s “romance for guerrilla terrorism” is its “moral disgrace.”


D'Souza To Appear on the "Glenn Beck Program" Tonight, "Huckabee" on Saturday

D’Souza will be on the air with Glenn Beck on TheBlaze TV and TheBlaze Radio Network and in the studio for “Huckabee” on Saturday.


National Review: D'Souza Nation

Listening to Dinesh defend and extol America, I think, “Even progressives must know this is true. Somewhere, deep within them, they must know it is true.”


NYT Can't Count, Puts D'Souza's No. 1 Book "America" in No. 2 Spot

It brags on Page One every day that it dishes up “All the News That’s Fit to Print,” but the NYT is still refusing to tell the truth about D’Souza’s best seller.


Hollywood Reporter: Congressman Vows to Investigate Google Searches of "America"

Congressman Dana Rohrabacher is demanding to know why Google was fumbling the search results for “America” for nearly three weeks.


Watchdog Wire: Costco Customers Pounce on Freshly Stocked "America"

While customers are now free to snatch up copies of D’Souza’s “America,” its movie listing is not showing up properly in Google searches.


FrontPage Magazine: D'Souza Tells the True Story of America

“America” is a devastating takedown of those who see America as the primary source of evil in the world.


Deadline: D'Souza's Film A "Box Office Powerhouse"

The film grossed $1.725M this weekend, averaging $1,675 and bringing its cume to $11,468,696. It also ranked 12th in the overall box office.