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VIDEO: Conservative Lifehacks For Liberals

WATCH: Sooper Mexican gives liberals some conservative tips for life.

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NYT: James O'Keefe To Stalk Campaigns For Wrongdoing

Mrs. Clinton’s team is seen accepting a donation from Canadian women by passing the money through the hands of Americans standing with them.


Daily Mail: Virginia TV Shooter Bryce William's Reprimand for Wearing Barack Obama Badge

Vesper Flanagan had appalling journalistic standards, berated cameramen, and broke impartiality by wearing an Obama badge to report on 2012 elections, court papers reveal.


VIDEO: Progressive John & Patriotic John

WATCH: Progressive John and patriotic John debate the question, “what has America ever done for us?”


Townhall: Marine Punished For Sharing Classified Info To Warn Against Attack

As the situation surrounding Hillary’s possession of top secret info on her personal email server continues to get worse, compare to this case.


American Thinker: America's Culture War Starts Claiming Victims

Was D’Souza too successful in criticizing Barack Obama?

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WND: Fresh Limbaugh! Meet Newest Star In Family

Millennial satirist provides musical lesson on constitutional rights.


VIDEO: What’s A Constitution Among Friends?

WATCH: Stephen Limbaugh gives a whimsical takedown of how liberals read the Constitution.