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FACT CHECK: Venezuela's "that's not real socialism" is actually real socialism

Venezuela is paling around with Russia, Iran, and other socialist countries. Together, they are using Venezuela’s wealth, geography, and oil for strategic gain while the people of Venezuela suffer.

VIDEO: D'Souza ENDS "racism" debate—Trump hits back against ALL opponents

Doesn’t President Trump bash whites like Nancy Pelosi and Elizabeth Warren with the same zeal that he bashes AOC and Elijah Cummings?

SO MUCH #WINNING: The Left is scared to get into the ring with Trump

Trump is like Muhammad Ali, taunting the Democratic weenies to get into the ring. But they’re scared of him, so they go after Mitch McConnell instead.

#FakeHistory DEBUNKED: Blacks did not switch to the Dem Party in the 60s

Ever wonder why African Americans started voting Democrat? The answer might surprise you!

D'SOUZA RESPONDS: Does "toxic masculinity" cause mass shootings?

Do these mass shooters remind you of Conan the Barbarian? Actually, they’re more like Austin Powers! We do have a cultural problem, but excessive manliness is not it.

SOCIAL INSECURITY: What the Dems really want with your money

The nefarious part of government “benefits” like social security is that they’re not optional. You must participate, or your wages will be garnished… Or worse.

VIDEO: Students have a better chance in the slums of Mumbai than Baltimore

Progressive education isn’t really education at all. It’s the politics of victimology.

VIDEO: IT'S A BOY! IT'S A GIRL! Check out the hypocrisy of pro-abortion leftists

In the non-politicized world, everyone admits that their unborn baby is a child. Just look at all the gender reveals on Facebook, for crying out loud.

IT'S ALL ABOUT THE $$$: D'Souza proves Marx was wrong about capitalists

Who gets the profit? Marx says the laborer deserves all the dough, but here’s how businesses actually run and why that doesn’t make sense.

VIDEO: Democrats rewrite history of racism while pandering to minorities

NEW: Dinesh and Debbie D’Souza join Joe Pags to discuss the history of racism on the Left, minority pandering in the Democratic Party, and more!