Democrats Accuse Trump Of Getting Support From The KKK, Their Own Organization

The rhetoric on racism in America is heating up, and Donald Trump​ has a great opportunity to turn the tables on the longtime Democratic play of calling Republicans bigoted.

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VIDEO: D'Souza Says The Clintons Have a History of Racial Insensitivity, Not Trump

Dinesh D’Souza said on “Fox and Friends Weekend” that Clinton should tread carefully because she has a dubious history on racial matters.


Gavin McInnes: 'Hillary's America' Draws You In, Is Not A Typical Documentary

“Hillary’s America” isn’t a typical documentary. It has a narrative, it has suspense, it has humor, and—because Hillary is involved—it has horror.


Fox News: The Secret History of the Democratic Party

American history is the story of Democratic malefactors and Republican heroes. Yes, it’s true.


Sonnie Johnson and Dinesh D'Souza Explode Myth About Liberals & Minorities

The old rural plantations were run by Democrats, and the new urban plantations are run by Democrats.


Anthony Cumia Show: How Hillary & Bill Always Stay One Step Ahead

Bill doesn’t need Hillary, but Hillary needs Bill. With his help, she always stays one step ahead of the posse, no matter how in-your-face the corruption becomes.


WND: 'Hillary's America' Bolsters Trump Appeal to Black Voters

D’Souza film on the Democratic Party’s ‘racist history’ will reopen in 500 theaters.


VIDEO: Judge Jeanine & D'Souza Break Down The REAL History Of Civil Rights In America

The 13th, 14th, and 15th amendments abolished slavery, established citizenship for blacks, and gave blacks the right to vote. Which party fought to block these measures at all costs?


Breitbart: Dinesh D'Souza's 'Hillary's America' is Top-Grossing Documentary of 2016

Dinesh political documentary “Hillary’s America” has become the top-grossing documentary of 2016.


Hagee Hotline: D'Souza On The Most Difficult Part of Making "Hillary's America"

Dinesh D’Souza went on “Hagee Hotline” with Pastor Matthew Hagee to discuss “Hillary’s America” and how it shows the true history of the Democratic Party.