Watchdog Wire: Costco Customers Pounce on Freshly Stocked "America"

While customers are now free to snatch up copies of D’Souza’s “America,” its movie listing is not showing up properly in Google searches.


FrontPage Magazine: D'Souza Tells the True Story of America

“America” is a devastating takedown of those who see America as the primary source of evil in the world.


Deadline: D'Souza's Film A "Box Office Powerhouse"

The film grossed $1.725M this weekend, averaging $1,675 and bringing its cume to $11,468,696. It also ranked 12th in the overall box office.


Deadline: D'Souza's "America" Slams Google Again Over Missing Search Results

The team behind “America” still want to know why Google won’t display the show times for their movie.


Patriot Post: D'Souza Tells the True Story of America

Arnold Ahlert proclaims that “America” demolishes the Left’s false narrative of the United States.


AUDIO: BuzzPo Interview on Obama’s Wrath

LISTEN: D’Souza explains the five thefts of which the Progressive Left falsely accuses America of being the sole, global perpetrator.


"America" Hits #2 on the NYT Best Seller List

In “America: Imagine A World Without Her,” D’Souza offers a sharply reasoned defense of America, knocking down every important accusation made by Progressives against our country.


FOX News: Google Responds to Problems with Searches for Dinesh D'Souza's "America"

Dinesh D’Souza wants to know why “America: Imagine the World Without Her” was buried by Google.


D’Souza: Admin Has Been Signaling for 6 Years It’s Not Serious About Immigration Laws

VIDEO: Filmmaker Dinesh D’Souza was on “The Kelly File” to discuss the mass influx of unaccompanied immigrant children.


WND: "America" Gains Steam, Tops Michael Moore Film

D’Souza’s “America” earned an estimated $2.4 million to surpass Michael Moore’s “Roger & Me,” en route to becoming the 7th-highest grossing political documentary of all time.