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VIDEO: Trump embodies Reagan's American optimism in talks with North Korea

President Trump’s efforts to open communication with North Korea is a characteristically American act of optimism.

VIDEO: Trump is uncannily truthful and has a strong sense of right & wrong

You could say President Trump is an egotist, but when he is pummeled by the opposition, the media, Hollywood, and even people in his own party every day, he is able to use his ego as a wall of protection.

D'Souza: Democrats patronize minorities by speaking Spanish

Democrat pandering has reached comic levels. And guess who’s sitting back with a box of popcorn and laughing his head off? One Donald J. Trump.

VIDEO: The Left actively shifts blame away from the real 9/11 perpetrators

Why does the Left minimize the significance of 9/11? It’s not because they “fail to understand.”

YOU'RE INVITED: Join D'Souza and Donald Trump Jr. at the Trump National Doral Miami

In less than a month, Dinesh D’Souza will join Donald Trump Jr., Sarah Huckabee Sanders, and other great defenders of liberty for a special event in Miami, and you’re invited!

WHAT'S AT STAKE: The other side wants us to be a nation of worms

We need to hold the Left accountable. We shouldn’t “drop things and move on” until the people who have perpetuated abuses and lies are held accountable for their actions!

VIDEO: Democrats have revealed their hand with latest calls for gun bans

Our Second Amendment rights are not less important than our First or Fourth Amendment rights. Instead of punishing lawful gun ownership, let’s figure out how to deter—and stop—the bad guys!

THE GOVERNMENT IS THE VILLAIN: Why bureaucrats always screw things up

Government agencies love telling other people what to do. But in reality, they don’t have a clue about what is really going on.

D'Souza: Donald Trump didn't cause the division in America, it caused him

Republicans need to toughen up! Not because we are immoderate people, but because we are in an immoderate situation.

VIDEO: Dems have a declining credibility problem thanks to open hypocrisy

Actions speak louder than words. Here’s what the Obamas’ purchase of expensive coastal property on Martha’s Vineyard tells us about climate change.