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Win "America" DVD + Blu-Ray Player at These Pro Sports Games

Win an America DVD and a grand prize Blu-Ray player by watching the jumbotron in the arenas on any of these game nights!


Mike Gallagher: D'Souza Talks Ebola and "America"

On Tuesday, Mike Gallagher and Dinesh discussed why liberal democrats are so against a mandatory quarantine if someone has been exposed to Ebola.


Chuck Norris: What America Needs Now

Originally posted at Ammoland by Chuck Norris. Forty-five years ago, there was a day like few others that […]


VIDEO: D'Souza Talks Confinement and "America" With Dana on TheBlaze

WATCH: On Wednesday, D’Souza joined Dana live on TheBlaze to talk about his life in a community confinement center and the recent launch of “America” on DVD.


Newsmax: Obama Doesn't Want Ebola Epidemic in U.S.

VIDEO: D’Souza says he cannot believe that President Obama is secretly rooting for an Ebola epidemic in the United States.


Breitbart: D'Souza Reveals What's Coming to "America"

The DVD for “America” is being released on Tuesday, strategically done just one week before America will be heading to the polls to vote.


WND: Obama Nemesis Defies Government Attempt to Silence Him

Even as he serves an eight-month sentence at a community confinement center in San Diego, filmmaker and best selling author Dinesh D’Souza is set to release for digital formats his “America” film and continues to secure financing for a 2016 film.


"America" Available on DVD & Blu-Ray Today!

Order “America” now on DVD or Blu-Ray! Watch the exclusive new trailer.


TheBlaze: "America" #1 on Amazon's Documentary List

"America," a day before the film’s release on DVD and Blu-Ray, is already the #1 best selling DVD on Amazon in the Documentary category.

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Will You Pull The Wagon Or Ride In It?

“The democracy will cease to exist when you take away from those who are willing to work and give to those who would not.”