Townhall: "What One Word Best Describes Barack Obama?"

What does the average American think of when they try to conjure up just one word to describe the 44th president?


"America" Nominated for Golden Reel Award

“America” is a nominee for a Golden Reel Award in the Featured Documentary category.


The Federalist: The Line to Apologize Forms on the Left

For every journalist who bought into the “hands up, don’t shoot” narrative in Ferguson, it’s time to apologize.

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WaPo: FL Lawmakers Want To Make "America" Mandatory In Schools

If approved, all eighth and 11th graders would have to watch “America.”


The Kelly File: D'Souza on Martin Luther King Jr.

WATCH: “How different a legacy it is from the current generation of race activists, including Sharpton, Jackson, and even Holder and Obama.”


News-Press: "America" Could Be Required In FL High Schools

Florida lawmakers hope the film will “balance out” perceived anti-American history classes.


IBT: ISIS Cruelty Graphically Revealed in Gay Man's Rooftop Execution

ISIS has released photographs that allegedly show the final moments before a man is thrown from the roof of a building.


Dartmouth Alumni Magazine: D'Souza's America

Following his felony conviction, conservative firebrand Dinesh D’Souza ’83 has been humbled—a little—by his new life under guard in a San Diego halfway house. But silenced?

Yahoo: Sharpton To Address "Appalling" All-White Oscar Nominees

The Rev. Al Sharpton was left fuming mad after the Oscars revealed its all-white list of nominees for this year’s Oscar awards on Thursday.


Bloomberg: It Never Ends for Wendy Davis

The Texas Democrat’s successor mocks her with cowboy boots.