TheBlaze: D’Souza Faces Off With Bill Ayers In Debate—And Stings Him With One Devastating Response

D’Souza fired at Ayers with a response that prompted the crowd to erupt in applause.


DEBATE: D'Souza Faces Off With Bill Ayers On American Exceptionalism

Recorded live: what’s so exceptional about America, anyway?


WND: D'Souza To Debate Bill Ayers In Live Webcast

Officials at Gonzaga say the public should be barred from D’Souza’s upcoming speech because his message is “contradictory” to the institution’s “social justice mission.”

U.S. Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) delivers an address to Liberty University students at the school in Lynchburg, Virginia, September 14, 2015. REUTERS/Jay Paul - RTS12TA

AUDIO: D'Souza Reveals What Drives Popularity of Bernie Sanders

LISTEN: D’Souza and Mike Gallagher discuss D’Souza’s prosecution (including the shocking thing that the DOJ is now telling Congress) and the rise of Bernie Sanders amidst the downfall of Hillary.


WaPo: Hillary’s Email Defense Just Hit A Major Bump In The Road

For months, Hillary Clinton and her presidential campaign have stuck to a consistent story line when faced with allegations of classified information on the private server she used exclusively as secretary of state.


AUDIO: D'Souza Calls Out Progressive Con Artists

LISTEN: D’Souza describes progressive politics as a series of scams and cons aimed at nothing less than stealing the wealth of America.


AUDIO: D'Souza, Sean Hannity, & Peter Schweizer Take Down Hillary

LISTEN: D’Souza and Peter Schweizer joined Sean Hannity for his national radio show to cover the many scandals of Hillary and Obama.

Gods Purpose for America 6.11.15   Dinesh_Tim 9

D'Souza To Spar With Skeptic Michael Shermer At FreedomFest 2016

Come to FreedomFest 2016, where freedom is rising, and join Dinesh as he debates Shermer.

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VIDEO: D'Souza Says National Review Won't Dent Trump's Real Support

WATCH: NR’s scathing indictment of Trump will do very little to dissuade most Republicans from supporting him, D’Souza told Newsmax.


LIVE: D'Souza To Go Head-To-Head With Bill Ayers

On February 3, Dinesh will go head-to-head with the radical Bill Ayers on the University of Michigan campus on the topic “What’s so exceptional about America?”