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VIDEO: D'Souza exposes collusion between the #FakeNews media & liberal professors

Why did NYU hire disgraced journalist Talia Lavin? Are they hoping she will train others to be journalistic frauds on behalf of the Left?

THE LEFT V. LOGIC: D'Souza schools Dartmouth, free speech is for everyone

Who is the real enemy of free speech—Dinesh D’Souza for speaking on the Dartmouth campus, or the campus Left for trying to shut down the event?

SPECIAL INVITE: Join Dinesh D'Souza at Virginia Tech!

Meet Dinesh D’Souza on Tuesday, March 26 at Virginia Tech! D’Souza will be speaking at a special event sponsored by Young America’s Foundation, and you’re invited to join him.

VIDEO: Debbie D'Souza CALLS OUT "tyrant" Nicolas Maduro for medical blackmail

Debbie D’Souza gives Trish Regan the scoop on the latest depravity of the Maduro regime in her native Venezuela.

SPECIAL INVITE: Meet Dinesh D'Souza at UW-Milwaukee!

On Wednesday, March 27, Dinesh D’Souza will be speaking at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee at a special event sponsored by Young America’s Foundation, and you’re invited to join him!

VIDEO: D'Souza vs. AOC over Ronald Reagan & FDR—who is right?

Dinesh D’Souza weighs in on media bias and the Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez allegation that FDR and Reagan were racists. Hint: she’s half right!

SPECIAL INVITE: Meet Dinesh D'Souza in Stockton, CA!

On Friday, March 15, Dinesh D’Souza will speak at a special event in Stockton, CA in partnership with Citizens for a Constitutional Government!

LOGIC 101: D'Souza gives Stanford student lesson in history & reasoning

The Democratic Party isn’t the party of racism TODAY because of what happened BEFORE. It’s because they have re-upped on their commitment to bigotry.

VIDEO: Is it time to send in the National Guard to enforce the First Amendment?

Is President Trump’s executive order sufficient to enforce free speech rights on the campus?

SOME FAKE HISTORY FOR YOU: Nixon was a racist who won because of racists

But what about Nixon? What about the Southern Strategy? Don’t they prove that Republicans are the real racists? Actually, no.