Dinesh Opens Up to "New Republic" in Revealing Interview

D’Souza reflects on how he turned himself into a multi-platform provocateur.


Business Insider: The US Threatened To Prosecute Families Of The 2 Murdered Americans If They Paid A Ransom To ISIS

The families of murdered American journalists Jim Foley and Steven Sotloff are speaking out against the US government for making their efforts to free their loved ones a “helpless” endeavor.


James Foley's Mother: "Our Efforts To Get Jim Freed Were An Annoyance" To The Government

Mother of James Foley describes how her efforts to free her son were considered an “annoyance” to our government.


VIDEO: D'Souza Debates Ward Churchill on "The Kelly File"

WATCH: D’Souza debates 9/11 apologist Ward Churchill on FOX News.


PICTURES: D'Souza & Palin Event in Arizona

Dinesh D’Souza and Sarah Palin spoke together to a crowd of over 2,000 at an event in Arizona for United We Stand, hosted by Katie Pavlich.

Kelly File

Don't Miss This: D'Souza to Debate Ward Churchill on "The Kelly File"

D’Souza debate the man who says that America deserved to be bombed on 9/11 because “payback is a real mother @!&$*#.”


VIDEO: D'Souza Previews Ward Churchill Interview on "The Kelly File"

WATCH: D’Souza will be part of an exclusive interview and debate with Ward Churchill on “The Kelly File.” Watch to learn more!


Townhall: D'Souza Announces Tour to Bring "America" to College Campuses

D’Souza is launching a college tour this fall to introduce and discuss his “America” film for students.


Breitbart: D'Souza Says ISIS Shows What Happens in a World Without U.S.

AUDIO: The recent rise of ISIS and aggression by Russia prove that a world without American influence is dangerous.


USA TODAY: "America" Sets Home Release

“America” is set to hit home release, heading to Blu-Ray/DVD on October 28 and Digital HD October 14.