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VIDEO: D'Souza shocks with truth about Democrat racism

Democrats love to distort history through a very cunning deployment of words—here’s one shocking example.

VIDEO: The reason Democrats are attacking Trump over Russia summit

The outrage over Trump’s Russia summit has nothing to do with Russia and everything to do with domestic politics.

VIDEO: D'Souza blasts illegal immigrants for skipping the line

A lot of people focus on the injustice of illegal immigrants to people in America, but illegal immigration also hurts LEGAL immigrants.

WND: Dinesh D'Souza argues "nothing racial about Trump"

Dinesh D’Souza’s upcoming film turns tables on “racist, fascist” Democrats.

VIDEO: D'Souza reveals SHOCKING truth about FDR

Why do progressives lionize FDR, who worked closely with racist Democrats to block anti-lynching laws?

VIDEO: D'Souza SLAMS Clinton & Bush over NATO comments

It took an outsider like President Trump to finally accomplish what both Clinton and Bush failed to do—re-examine NATO in the post-Cold War era.

WATCH: Lara Trump interviews Dinesh D'Souza on President Trump's Facebook Page

Dinesh D’Souza talks with Lara Trump in a new interview on President Donald Trump’s Facebook Page!

VIDEO: CNN actually praises Trump economy

Even CNN can’t help but admit that the economy is thriving under President Trump!

VIDEO: Why is the Left's control of culture so dangerous?

“Death of a Nation” exposes the Left’s biggest lies. But how do we come to believe them in the first place?

VIDEO: D'Souza reveals that "the big switch" is really just a big lie

Democrats love to say that all the racist Dixiecrats switched to the Republican Party, but how many do you think ACTUALLY did?